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Serving the community of Walsall, West Midlands for 20 years
For Education and Community
Serving the community of Walsall, West Midlands for 20 years
Business Communication Systems
business communication systems

Allah SWT will show compassion to those who show kindness while buying, selling and recovering debts’ (Bukhari)

In Islam, trade has always been recognised as an important aspect of human life. Before revelation came to him, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself earned his living as a trader, ‘Al Amin’ ‘The Trustworthy’. It is the example of his noble and honourable character that Muslim’s should follow in their day to day transaction, earning and spending of wealth.

The Prophet Muhammad was asked which was the best kind of earning, he replied: That for which a man works with his hands and honest trading (Ibn Hanbal)

A honest and trustworthy merchant will be (raised) with the Prophets, the truthful and the martyrs.(At-Tirmidhi)
BUSINES STUDIES & ICT DEPARTMENT The Business department works very closely with ICT department as 50% of the BCS course is ICT related. All teaching takes place in a dedicated ICT suite which is equipped with a projector, 20 computers and access to the internet via a fast broadband connection. AQA GCSE Business Communication Systems (4134) The GCSE Business Communications Systems qualification is designed to encourage pupils to consider skills learnt in ICT KS3 and apply them to the world of Business. Pupils will acquire useful practical skills in a wide range of computer applications within the business contexts and consider the impact that ICT has on work processes. This course will be of practical use and personal value in building a foundation of knowledge, understanding and skills which could form a basis for further study and assist in the future.

The 3 units provide pupils with the opportunity to explore the theories and concepts in the context of events in the business world:

Unit 8: ICT Systems in Business

This unit introduces pupils to the importance of business and communication systems which contribute to the success of a business, in achieving its objectives. In particular, pupils will consider how ICT systems affect the way people work and how they can potentially improve communication both internally and externally. Pupils will be encouraged to consider not only the benefits of ICT in the workplace, but also the potential risks relating to the health and safety of staff and the security of data.

Unit 9: Using ICT in Business

This unit introduces pupils to a range of software applications used to support each function of a business. It helps pupils to understand how a business can use software to capture, store, retrieve and analyse data so as to meet its requirements.

Unit 10: Investigating ICT in Business

This unit is a controlled assessment and assesses the subject content in Unit 9 Using ICT in Business. The work must be each pupils own individual response, produced under controlled conditions.

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